Saturday, May 10, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Recovery from an Infection

Affirmative Prayer for Recovery from an Infection      
There is one loving Spirit, one pattern of perfection, one unstoppable life force that gives itself fully to all of creation. It is the force and flow of life that restores wholeness over and over. It is infinite and eternal and never stops generously giving the gift of life to all beings.

This one loving Spirit is living its life as me. I am a result of the pattern of perfection. The life force in me is continuously expressing more wholeness through me.

I accept, from this understanding of my oneness with the loving Spirit, a greater expression of wholeness in my life right now. I declare that this appearance of infection has no power over me or my body and that that life force that has created me is actively renewing every cell and organ and fluid in my body.

I am assured by means of this prayer that I am guided and supported by this loving presence that brings full resolution without delay.

I am grateful for the power of the truth to raise my awareness to the spiritual level and I celebrate the good that unfolds as a result of this knowing.

I release this word into the creative medium that is continuously responding in full measure.

And So It Is

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