Saturday, May 17, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of a Court Case

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of a Court Case

There is one powerful presence, it is the presence of the perfect loving Spirit. This presence is the only power, it is the all-inclusive giver of life. This presence presides over all activities and it is the peace at the very center of all beings. Its intelligence and wisdom guides all of life into its most perfect expression.

This presence lives in me and in each person involved in this situation. I am, and each one involved is one with the peace and wisdom of the living Spirit.

Therefor I accept that the wisdom and intelligence of the Creator is present in all the preparations and proceedings for this court case. I declare that there is peace at the heart of each person and that the clear light of the Spirit guides all communication and all decisions. I accept on behalf of each one involved a coming home to the light and truth of the living Spirit within them.

I am grateful to know that the living, loving Spirit brings its peace, wisdom and clarity to this situation.

I let go and trust the great giver of life to respond to the highest and best for each one involved. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this prayer!

    1. Thank you Claudelle. Try our online prayer submission service too. We'd love to pray with you.