Saturday, July 26, 2014



There is one Power, one Life Force. It is the Power of Divine Love. This Love is un-caused and unconditional. This Love is ever-present and infinite. It gives life to all of creation. It is self-generating through creative expression. It is generous and supportive. Kindness is a natural expression of this Divine Love.

I am one with the Divine Love that has created me and is forever creating life through me.

Therefor, I am naturally kind. I let go of all fear, all hurt, all rigidity and all false ideas fall away. I open to the natural, unconditional love that is at the heart of my very being. I forgive myself, I forgive life, I forgive others for any appearance of unkindness. This gentle, tender softening is bestowed upon me by the Spirit within and I am glad for it.

I am grateful for this truth.

I trust it, I allow it to manifest fully in my life, for it is already true and already done.

And So It Is

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