Saturday, July 5, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of Debt

Affirmative Prayer for Resolution of Debt

There is one power, one creative life force, one perfect, divine presence. This presence presides over and is present in all of life. Every detail and all of the big picture is contained within the one mind, the one heart, the Divine.

I am one with the power that has created me. This power and presence is fully active in the details of my life as well as the big picture. I am one with the one mind. I could never be outside of Divinity.

Therefore, I claim for myself a deep peace and assuredness that the universe is on my side. The creative power that has created me is active in my financial affairs, working to resolve all debt and I easily cooperate with it. I take action where action is needed and I relax and allow Divinity to handle the rest. My thoughts are peaceful and secure. I move through the details of my life with a sense of belonging, with a sense of the big picture. My confidence is restored and joy flows through my life.

I celebrate the good. I celebrate this realization of the action of the creative power in my life and my relationship to my finances. I am grateful for this higher consciousness that leads me to trust Spirit within.

I surrender this word into the Law of creation, and I let it be.

And So It Is

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