Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Enemies

This prayer is inspired by a facebook page: Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

There is one blessed life, the life of the Living Spirit. It lives in the formed and in the unformed. It expresses itself as love and harmony.  It is ever peaceful and loving. Its perfect intelligence creates all of life in divine order. All beings everywhere are one with this blessed life.
In this same way, I am one with all of creation and one with all beings everywhere.
From this oneness then, I release all enemy images and enemy thoughts. I hold no idea, no religion, no nation, no group and no person hostage in my mind. I, rather, open my mind to a greater and greater experience of oneness. I accept this for myself and for all being everywhere. I know that peace lives in the heart of every one and I accept that love will guide the way always. I do not let myself lose faith, but rather I stand firm in the conviction that life is essentially good and that each person will come home to their own spiritual truth.
I feel a quiet inner confidence in the ability of life to find a solution to every appearance of conflict. For this gentle insight I am grateful.
I place this tender intention into the hands of the divine one, creator of all of life. And I let it be.

Diane Tapogna, RScP

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