Saturday, April 4, 2015

Recognizing, Accepting and Allowing Love, Joy and Creativity

Recognizing, Accepting and Allowing Love, Joy and Creativity

One Presence breathes life into All that is. It swirls in, around, through and as Itself, the
Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver. This irrepressible Force of Love lifts up, provides the anchor and foundation for all beingness, the Beauty and natural Music in all of Creation. It is the form and the formless, that Divine Vibration reverberating throughout all existence. It knows Itself as Unconditional Joy, and Potential, everywhere present, 100 % available, always acting on behalf of Life. It celebrates and cherishes Its Creation.

I am birthed from this One Presence, made of It, immersed in Its unlimited nature. I am inseparable from this all inclusive fabric of Life. Spirit breathes through me, in every aspect of my being, expressing, loving, and creating through me. I am a unique instrument of the Divine, a vessel overflowing with unbounded good and potential. It is Joy, as a sweet belly laugh moving through me, uncontainable giggles; I am part of It, being moved to tears in awesome awareness of Beauty and Love, tapping Godʼs foot to a catchy rhythm. There is no place I end and God begins.

From this place of Unbounded Good and Oneness I claim an ever growing capacity for love, joy and creativity. I declare an irrevocable partnering with this my Good, remembering that It is embedded in every fiber of my being, always poised, ready and willing to express through me, however life shows up. I declare a growing tendency to lean into this awareness in the midst of all situation, condition and circumstance. I recognize a lighter response and attitude in relationships and daily activities. I am willing to smile and laugh more easily. With unbound eagerness, I open to a greater experience of kindness, forgiveness and generosity for myself and others, while allowing it to spill over in new and unexpected ways. I celebrate, honor and appreciate as a daily practice. I release rigid and limiting thoughts, and welcome a lighter more relaxed and flexible body, mind and spirit as my gifts express freely. I trust that my purpose is being fulfilled. I wholeheartedly announce that my Good is here right now, I am filled with It, Good is me and radiates outward from me.

This shift in consciousness is a balm to every aspect of my being. I pirouette, leap, sing and clap my hands, as I joyfully fall into this irresistible dance with the Beloved. With bells on, I delight in this sweet knowing of my Spiritual Truth.

I release my Word into the Law where it is already known and done.

And so it is!

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, California

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