Saturday, August 15, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Physical Well-Being

 Affirmative Prayer for Physical Well-Being
     There is only the One, the All of everything.  This All of all is the power, beauty, harmony and strength that created and lives in and as this magnificent abundant universe. Everything that is reflects the glory of the One.

      This One thing is what I am.  It is me, lives as me, I am a manifestation of the magnificent and perfect All of all.  God is ever and always expressing Itself in me, all of the perfection that is what God is, lives within me.  I touch my flesh and I feel the substance of God.  My eyes are the glory of God, created to behold Its own beauty and magnificence.  God and I are One.

      Because I know who and what I am, I trust in my own physical perfection.  I release my notions of separation, of vulnerability, of aging and loss.  I do not fret over what I eat or drink, I do not depend on my lifestyle or my genetics to keep me healthy.  I care for my body, I love and appreciate my body but I know my health does not come from my body or anything I put into it or don't put into it!  My health is my God, my life, my spirit, my well-being is guaranteed because I know, God and I are one in being and in spirit.  Gods perfection, harmony, beauty, strength and power all live here, within this unique expression of Itself. 

      I am overwhelmed with gratitude and relief for the knowledge of my forever safe harbor.  I am so thankful to be free from worry and concern.  I dance in the thrill of trust that I have in the everlasting love of God.

      And so with trust that comes from knowing the faithfulness and power of God, I release this word into the Law of God that is always and forever saying Yes, Yes, whatever you choose...Yes.

Sherry Vierra
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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