Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ever-present Good

Ever-present Good

All there is, right here and now is this One loving Presence, enveloping everything in Its Divine Embrace. It lifts up, as the root and foundation of all beingness. It is both the armor, and the alchemy that dissolves it.  It is  that which brings the invisible into form,  the movement of consciousness, Infinite Potential pouring Itself into every vessel. It is the Source of all,  the breath and heartbeat of everything seen or unseen, known or unknown. It expresses as the joy, vitality and rhythm of Life; the whole, perfect and complete fitting together, the breath and heartbeat of all that is.

It vibrates through me, resounds as me in every aspect of my beingness, because I am inextricably created from this God Stuff, an individual expression of It, showing up as a unique package with Divine gifts and tendencies, inseparable from the Divine, here on purpose. I have no edges, I am immersed in this Life, Love and Presence of  the One.

From this place of wholeness I accept an awareness that Mother-Father-God is always acting on my behalf, never absent, with me in all things.  I release whatever is unhelpful or contrary to my good. I surrender as the Divine perfectly removes  what is not useful.  I accept Spirit’s support and  guidance, I open to a deeper experience of the Divine’s unbounded Good.  I trust my heart-body connection, as it directs me to what makes me most happy. I embody the idea that the Universe is completely for me, and marvel at the daily demonstrations. Divine coincidence and synchronicity abound! I more easily see beyond appearances, remembering situation, condition and circumstance are temporal. The Truth, everpresent beneath the surface, behind the veil, is being called forward passionately, irresistibly from that deep knowing within me. I release my attachment to outcome; I trust in this unlimited  Good, in the perfect  unfolding of Infinite Potential.

I am abundantly blessed and grateful for this knowing of Spiritual Truth.  I rest in the Goodness of God.  

I release my word into the heart and mind of the One, where it is already known and done.  And so it is.  Amen.

Amada Colt,  RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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