Saturday, August 8, 2015

Safety for all Firefighters

Safety for all Firefighters

There is one perfect divine intelligence guiding all of life into its most beautiful expression. It is the only power and it is the power of good. This great protector, the loving Spirit almighty, oversees all of life.

All people everywhere are one with this perfection, one with this power for good. Therefore, all firefighters are one with the loving Spirit that has created them.

I accept for all firefighters an abundance of safety, protection, divine guidance and perfect right action. I declare that all of the tools and all of the resources that are needed are fully available including food, water, clean air, rest and health care. All needs are met by the very source of life itself. I  accept excellent organization, full support and clear communication for every maneuver. I affirm that the process of firefighting is safe, effective and supported. I claim that the love ones of each firefighter are reassured by good communication. I accept that people, homes and the forests are safe. I declare that there is a swift end to each fire, and a reprieve for all involved.

I give thanks for the realization that it is the perfection of the loving Spirit that it guiding and protecting firefighters everywhere.

I release this prayer into the natural Law of the universe, knowing it is manifesting fully.

And So It Is. 
Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

#AWorldThatWorksforEveryone, #AGlobalVision

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