Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wellness, Clarity and Vitality

Treatment for wellness, clarity and vitality

There is only One! One Life, One Mind, One Divine Intelligence.  God. This One is everywhere present. It is the Life force in all forms of life. It is vital, vibrant energy expressing itself in all of creation.  This One, is all powerful, loving, whole, perfect and complete.

Right where I am, the One Power and Presence of the Divine is.  I am an expression of the Divine in form. Every aspect of my being is part of the great I AM that I am.  As God is vital vibrant energy, whole perfect and complete, I am as well.

I claim and affirm a greater experience of wellness, clarity and vitality in my being. As an expression of Divine Mind, I remember that the Good of God is right where I am in every moment. I release any and all ideas of separation from this good and replace them with the knowledge that the vital and vibrant energy of the Divine supports me in all aspects of my being, always. 

With a grateful heart for remembering this truth for an about the I AM that I am.

I release this my word into the law, that aspect of the Divine, which has already said yes and is conspiring for good and greater good on my behalf.

Susan Robinson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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