Saturday, July 23, 2016


There is a Power and Presence in the Universe that is a Force for Good. It is the Unconditional Essence of Pure Awareness, Pure Consciousness, the Ground of Being. Everywhere present, It is the Source and Substance from which all Life arises. It is in and through all things as Its Self. It is all-loving and ever-forgiving, creating all of Life and accepting all of Life back into Itself unconditionally. All that It creates is Good.
It is everywhere and I know that It is in me. It has formulated all the atoms and cells in my body and holds them together in Divine Right Order. All that I am is One with this Ground of Being. Not only is It in all of me but it is in all of the world.
Knowing this, I speak my word for and about this world. I accept deep understanding and forgiveness in the hearts of all people. This understanding allows forgiveness to flow naturally as an accepted norm for all people and in all cultures. I claim the letting go of all resentment, guilt, blame and victimhood. I claim that the hearts and minds of the world's people are washed in the healing balm of forgiveness—self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. I claim this freedom for humankind now. I claim the establishment of forgiveness as a power that is so well integrated in the hearts of all the people, that it is the norm. I accept this freedom and this Grace now manifest on earth in the people.
In gratitude for this, I surrender this prayer, and the power and intention of it, to the Divine Law for this good and so much more.
And so it is.
Lauren Darges, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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