Saturday, October 22, 2016

Food and Shelter for All

There is this One Thing. It is that which sources all that is, was, and will be. This divine Essence is abundant in Its nature. It is the heartbeat of love, care, and provision. It is consistently seeking to extend Itself in manifold expressions of Itself. This Source, this Life, only knows and expresses that which is good.

I recognize that I am a unique, individualized expression of this Life. I am that which It is, completely formed of the Substance of God. So too, is all of creation, including the readers of this prayer.

I speak my word of blessing, knowing that it reflects the reality of Divinity: with God all things are possible and there is always more than enough. There is food, shelter and all needed provision for every soul upon this planet. I speak an acceptance and an allowance knowing that what is needed or wanted is present and available for receiving. I accept on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters the knowing of the unique gift of life that they are, the truth of their life, and its impact upon the world. I accept for us all that God is Light and in It is no darkness at all, because the truth is, “It's all good.”

It is in joy and gratitude that I give thanks for this knowing and remembering of truth.

I release this logos into that of God which always responds, never returning any word void. 

And so it is.
Lawrence Edwards, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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