Saturday, October 1, 2016

Responding to Life

Responding to Life

There is One Life, magnificently expressing infinitely and eternally as all that is. Life is perfect wholeness, perfect order, and perfect balance. Life is the Power of creative activity; Absolute Intelligence. Within Life is everything necessary for loving self-nourishment and the sustenance for all creation. Life is calling, guiding, and responding to Itself as the always-expanding Intelligence and conscious activity of wholeness, oneness, and love.

I am Life. I am one with the Absolute, powerful creative force of Life. I am integral to the nourishing and sustaining activity of Life. l am of the One Life, seamlessly one with all. My activity, choices, thoughts, and consciousness expand as Love-in-action. As this is true for me, so it is true for each person in our world community.  In each person the essence of the One Spirit is active as consciousness, intelligence, and Love.

I proclaim that this awareness of oneness is now the predominant calling and response among us. I accept the revelation of Truth in every heart: that each one is an instrument through which guidance, wisdom, and the creative urge resounds in support of Life’s activity of good. I claim and accept the goodness of all events and conditions as the resonant calling that awakens us to our awareness of oneness. I turn my focus to the good that is taking place everywhere, all the time. I proclaim that expanding Love is making Itself known in the heart of our world as constructive social action. This social action is the self-nourishment that is the essence of the One Life. I consciously support Life in constructive thought and activity. I bless and trust the loving guidance of Life to urge me and all people in our personal activity of social action.

I feel the excitement of all sentient beings, indeed, of all of Life responding to the call of expanding good through right action. Knowing this is already the perfect idea in the One Mind, I am grateful.

It is in this gratitude I release and I let go knowing the Law makes it so.  
And so it is.

Victoria King, RScP

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