Saturday, December 24, 2016

Affirmative Prayer for Well-Being

Affirmative Prayer for Well-Being

There is one abundant Source in this universe. This Great Spirit is filled with unending goodness. It is all-knowing, all-giving, all-providing, all-loving. It is total, painless strength, infinite vibrancy, and soothing flexibility. Spirit is the essence of unconditional, generous loving-kindness, overflowing with abundance.

Knowing this, I know, too, that I am one with this powerful Spirit. I am enveloped in this love, this comfortable strength, this joyful energy. Spirit’s amazing freedom is in my heart and I am cloaked in Its infinite abundance and goodness in every healthy cell of my being.

I claim this healthy vibrancy as mine. My body is free of pain and flexible, moving easily and joyously. My strong heart is full of understanding and compassion for all. My brain is clear and fast-thinking. My body moves effortlessly as if in a freedom dance. I know I am valued as a person of goodness and kindness. I am available and fully able to give to others as needed. This generosity of Spirit, this wondrous abundance of love and freedom is my life. It radiates peacefulness and contentment throughout me. I am free to be me!

I find peace in this knowing, and am humbly grateful for its goodness.

I release this prayer with complete understanding, fully aware that it is done. I know that total health and unlimited abundance is what is.

And so it is.

Lynn Ruebush
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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