Saturday, December 10, 2016

Prayer for Shelter for All Immigrants

Prayer for shelter for all immigrants

God is and God is all there is expressing in the midst of every moment, every situation, everywhere as a divine presence of love, wholeness, warmth and protection. God is the essence of peace, the ground of all being which is right now surrounding every being with light and receptivity.

This light shines forth into every moment of experience as the absolute allness which surrounds each being with safety and shelter. As God is ever-present, It must be the essence of every individual and every individual experience.

Claiming this as an unchangeable truth, I accept that the immigrants of the world are received with welcome, invitation, understanding, compassion, appreciation and love.  I accept that each being, no matter where they started their journey or what new land they lay down their burden of fear and loss, finds a perfect place which shelters them, allowing their hearts to be filled with hope, their minds to be filled with thoughts of peace.

I especially turn my prayers of peace and safety to the children that they may open to being known as precious to the world, embraced, fed, clothed and uplifted in every moment.  May each one find their value and worth as our future, constantly expanding with courage, creativity and strength.
I further claim that each person who opens their heart, their doors or their coffers to offer shelter, sustenance and invitation is deeply blessed as an expression of God's love, warmth and healing.

I claim this prayer as the word of Truth which has already begun the process of manifestation into form and experience, roof and floor, water and food, hope and trust.

For this opportunity to speak and witness a better, expanding, wholeness of life for the multitudes we call refugees, I am thankful and feel a lightness within my heart.

 Accepting this as done I release this prayer and claim it as so.


Maggie Rose Marek, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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