Saturday, December 31, 2016

Abundance, Generosity and Joy

Abundance, Generosity and Joy

There is one abundant Source in this universe. This Great Spirit is filled with unending goodness. It is all-knowing, all-giving, all-providing, all-loving. It is endless possibility, unending peace, and boundless comfort and security. Spirit is abounding abundance!

Knowing this, I know, too, that I am one with this powerful Spirit. I am enveloped in this love, this generosity, this fulfilled and contented joy. Spirit’s amazing freedom is in my heart and I am cloaked in Its infinite abundance in every cell of my being.

I claim this generosity of Spirit, this wondrous abundance of love and freedom as my life. It radiates peacefulness and contentment throughout me. I am free to be me! I am free to choose my schedule, choose my “rhythm”, choose my joys. My heart is filled with giving – giving of love, giving of time, giving of money – to all who need it, and my body is filled with endless energy to give and give and give. While giving, I am content knowing that my every need – and my family's and my pets’ – are being easily met and that we want for nothing. I accept that all is joyously, happily, healthfully well.

 I am humbly grateful for this knowing and all its goodness, and find peace in this gratitude.

I release this prayer with complete understanding, fully aware that it is done. I know that unlimited abundance is what is.

And so it is

Lynn Ruebush
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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