Saturday, May 16, 2020

Affirmative Prayer to Open to the Infinite Flow of Life During Shelter In Place

In and through and as all beingness, there is only One. It is the seen and the unseen divine substance of life. It is the source and sustainer, this presence that is always creating from itself anew in each moment, acting for the highest and greatest good of all creation. It is the beauty, symmetry, balance and harmony imbued in all life. It is the foundation and underpinning of all existence. It is everywhere present, all powerful, the substance of love, ever unfolding.

And It is right here, right now, in through and as all life. It is the source and activity of this prayer. And so it is what I am made of. I live and have my being within the One. As this is true for me it is true for all of life. I am made from and by the Divine and so am irrefutably connected to all beings, to all life. I am, through God's will, an individual outlet for divine expression. There is no place where I end and the rest of life and God begins.

From this understanding I speak my word for and about myself and all of life. I open to the infinite flow of the divine. I recognize that all diverse expressions of life are divine vessels, living in boundless potential for good, joy, generosity and creativity, how life is unfolding. I lean into the realigning of priorities where all of Life's stakeholders are valued equally. I deeply appreciate all medical, first responders and other essential workers and military who continue to serve and show up for all of us. I affirm the ever present God is with all, especially those who have lost family and friends. I affirm gratitude for the love and caring that is expressed in the daily course of events, by individuals, humanitarian groups and organizations that continue to give generously to those in need. I accept that infinite intelligence, love and kindness are everywhere present and available to all concerned. The current situation recognizes no boundaries as the world collaborates and share solutions and resources. I rejoice in the generosity, dedication and ingenuity expressed in my community and throughout the world. I claim and affirm growing patience as I and others abide by the shelter in place order and physical distancing, as humanitarian consciousness grows. I recognize God is everything, God is infinite intelligence and therefore science that is 100% available to inform government agencies, local, national and world leaders and advisors.

I rest in this awareness. I am grounded in this spiritual truth. I let go and let God, confident it is already known and done in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is. Amen

Amada Colt, RScP

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