Saturday, May 23, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for Acceptance

God is divine. God is the underlying reality for all there is and everything I see. God supplies all. God is always there.

I am connected to God. Spirit is in me. My thoughts are Spirits' thoughts. I am one with infinite Spirit which flows through me now in love and acceptance. God's desires and mine are the same.

Spirit welcomes my trust in the divine. I see clearly now the real me is also divine and ready  to accept my true calling. I accept this good that is mine right now. I am filled with peace and clarity in my mission. I fully realize the good I desire is already mine because of who I am, a Spiritual being.

I love the awareness of my exceptional talents and abilities. I am thankful for seeing who I really am and the wonderful part I play in the Universe. My heart feels gratitude for the lessons in life the divine provides me now.

I let go of all self-sabotage and negative thinking. I surrender to the divine. I trust that it is already done. I release my word to the action of the law, which is always listening and always responding to my Spiritual Mind Treatment. I place into Creative Law that my needs are met unconditionally. 


Karen Potts
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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