Saturday, April 25, 2020

Affirmative Prayer for the Center for Spiritual Living

In the quiet of this moment God's presence is palpable. It is all-consuming in its vastness. It is self-givingness. It is generous diversity of expression. God has kissed the universe in a brilliance that infuses all life - each and every being, word, action, and form. God's omnipresence is without beginning, without and without selectiveness, and without exception. It is complete, blanketing all that there is in Divine love. God's existence is here now in this holy instance and for all time. It’s power unfathomable to human understanding, is nevertheless fully available at all times, and all places and to everyone.

I know my unity with the One I feel it, I breathe it and I am immersed in it. It is the Intelligent Creator of each thought I have an of every cell in my body. God's heart is in my heart and is the heart of all. It is alive in every one of us; a golden thread that moves through all people all cultures all religions.  It is the heart of the Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living.

I affirm that our Center is a blueprint of perfect health. God's infinite and deep abiding love holds us in its loving care. It is alive in us around us and by means of us.

There is a Divine healing energy that enfolds us in wholeness. God ensures that conditions for growth are perfect and intact. God always triumphs and does so now as we realize that we are a vital part of the path currently unfolding for the elevation of our wonderful planet and our contributions to it. Divine Perfection out pictures itself through our Center, its leaders and the entire Fellowship. Divine circuits are engaged in maintaining and sustaining our well-being and expansion. And divine wisdom alive and thriving in our Center continues to prosper us in always for always.

I am gratified to be aligned with seekers, speakers, and discoverers of Truth across the entire planet. As I joyfully mingle my prayer with those of my entire spiritual family, a feeling of grateful completeness encompasses me.

With no need to hold on or grasp, I tenderly relinquish this prayer. There is simply a gentle melting into a peaceful sea of calm acceptance.

 And so it is

Sheri Pool
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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