Thursday, January 10, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Fathers

A prayer for fathers

There is something that includes absolutely everything. It is called by many names and yet it is beyond all names and forms. It is the universal, loving Presence, the Creator, and the Source of all of life. It is the only power and It is perfect in Its wisdom and guidance.

It is the power and intelligence of this loving Presence that lives in me and expresses through me at all times. And as this is true for me it is true for all fathers everywhere. Each and every father is included in this universal, loving Presence. All fathers are one with the Creator, one with the Source of life. Its nature is their nature.

From this understanding, I accept a blessing on behalf of all fathers. I claim the creative power that has created each one is right now guiding them into excellent parenthood. Their thoughts and actions are governed by the love that is their divine nature. I accept on the behalf of all fathers all the respect and support they need to fulfill their role as father. I declare that love, peace and well being reigns in all of their affairs and that the highest good is expressing in each one’s life.

I celebrate this revelation of spiritual truth-a movement in consciousness that manifests fully for each one open to receive its blessing.

I let it be; knowing the law of mind makes it so.

And So It Is

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