Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Public Services

Affirmative Prayer for Public Services

There is one infinite loving Presence. It is the all-knowing divine Spirit, the Creator of all of life. The eternal wisdom and intelligence of the loving Spirit guides and informs all that is. In the light of pure Spirit, life unfolds perfectly. Peace and wholeness are Its very nature.

Everything that exists and all beings everywhere are included in this one life. All of the public services in our community are unified with this infinite loving Presence.

From this understanding of unity and oneness, I accept on behalf of all of the public services in our community perfect function and operation. I accept that all services are respected and valued. I declare that the all-knowing divine Spirit that has created each one is fully present orchestrating every detail. Because God is the unlimited source of all that is I accept that all of the resources needed for the success of each service is supplied. I accept safe and pleasant working environments for those who work in these service areas. I claim that there is an uplifting in awareness of the important role these services play in our community and I know that success is fully present.

I celebrate the power of this truth to manifest the highest good for each public service in our community.

I release this Word into the spiritual law that responds fully and completely according to its nature.

And So It Is 

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