Saturday, January 5, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Doctors in our Community

A prayer for Doctors in our community

There is just one Mind, one Heart, one divine infinite Source of all existence. It is the one healing Power, the one perfect Intelligence and it guides all of life into perfect expression. This is the truth of all that is formed and all that is unformed, seen and unseen. This is the life of God the living Spirit almighty and It is eternal.

All beings everywhere are one with this one Mind, one Heart and this includes the Doctors in our community. Each one is born of the one perfect Intelligence that has created all of life.

From this recognition of oneness I accept for all Doctors in our community divine guidance in every aspect of their work. I accept on their behalf excellent listening skills, clear communication, unlimited access to information and resources, kindness and excellent discernment. I declare that all the support systems and institutions that are needed for Doctors to do their healing work are fully in place. I accept peace of mind, health and renewal for each one. I declare on their behalf that everything that supports excellent medical and surgical care is fully available including testing procedures, medications, equipment and personnel. I accept respect and value for their contribution to the well-being to our community. I affirm the highest good for all Doctors for the benefit of all and the harm of none-this or something greater.

I celebrate this shift in awareness regarding the Doctors in our community. I give thanks for all the healing that unfolds as a result of this prayer.

I release this Word into the Law of Mind and Spirit and let it be so.

And So It Is

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