Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Prayer for Agriculture in our Community

A Prayer for Agriculture in our Community

There is one Life, one Power, one Presence that guides all of existence into its most perfect expression. Its nature is balance, harmony and abundance. This powerful, guiding Presence is infinite and eternal. It is all-knowing and forever giving.

Every aspect of agriculture in our community is included in this one Life.

Therefore, I recognize and realize the perfect balance and harmony that is expressing through agriculture right now. I accept divine guidance for all those in charge of making decisions that affect agriculture. I accept excellent stewardship of the soil and water in every field and garden. I affirm the nourishing abundance of all of the crops that are grown here. I affirm the safety of all those who work in agriculture in the growing, processing and distributing of the food and other products. I know that we are all richly blessed by the nourishing foods that are produced in our community. I accept the highest good for every aspect of agriculture in our community and for the environment in which it takes place. I bless all of the wildlife who share this land with us. I declare that perfect harmony and balance are fully present in all of these activities.

Feeling and sensing the power of this universal truth, I give thanks as I release this prayer into the natural law that governs the universe. And I let it be.

And So It Is

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