Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Prayer for Utilities

Here is a prayer for utilities by Wayne Haught

There is one life. It is a life of abundant good, peace, nourishment, vitality, health, and truth. This one life is the life of spirit, the creative energy flowing through all beings, the expansion of good in all experience, and the ancient wisdom alive in every particle of the earth. 

I am in harmony and unity with the one life and the one spirit. I am one with the oneness. I declare on behalf of all life that right where I am there are all the utilities in the universe.

I declare I attract clean, safe, and affordable utilities to my self, my family, and all who walk the earth. These utilities include but are not limited to natural gas, electricity, water, waste removal, and telephone service. I abandon any belief in the depletion of earth’s resources in order for my utility needs to be met. I release any thought that my energy needs contribute to the impoverishment of earth’s people.  

I let go of the idea that there is a lack of affordable, safe, clean, and renewable energy available to all people everywhere. I remember spirit gives freely from an unlimited source and remain open to an experience of utility availability and disbursement greater than what I have ever known. I accept that no one is diminished anywhere by my experience of good.

 I am grateful for this transformation in my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

 I release my thought into the action of the law knowing that it is done and done well. It can only come back to me as a yes, and to this I say And So It Is.

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