Friday, January 18, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for our Parks

Affirmative Prayer for Parks by Rev. Joyce Duffala

There is only One Life and that is the Life of God. It is the Source of all life on our planet, for indeed, It expresses Itself as everything: every plant, every animal, every human, every being on earth and beyond.

I am one with It, for I am of It, as is the reader of this prayer. Its very Life courses through our bodies and being – ever-nourishing, ever-revitalizing. And as I know that this is true for us, I know that this is true for all life forms associated with our parks – plant, animal, and human.

So I recognize that the harmony of God Itself is present in our parks systems; that everything that is needed to keep all systems in balance – including human resources, financial resources, and the well-being of the natural environment itself – is present and available.  I accept our collective growing awareness of how our parks are sourced with everything necessary to flourish, and to allow all who use the parks to experience the love, peace, and safety of the Divine One Itself.

I am grateful for the many ways that the well-being of our parks, and all who care for them and use them, shows up in our collective experience.

And with this sense of gratitude, I simply release this word to follow its natural, spiritual course and become apparent in our experience. 

And so it is.   

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