Sunday, January 20, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Pets

Affirmative Prayer for Pets by Suzanne Sackett

There is one unwavering Power for good that gives itself fully and freely to all that is. It is the abiding love of the Spirit and it cannot be hindered or compromised in any way. This pervasive Reality is the Keeper of all of life. This one Source is the giver of life, the creator of life and it is active in every moment, in every person, in every creature, and in every situation. Its nature is peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

I am one with this Power for good, one with the abiding love of Spirit. My ways are guarded and guided by that which has created me, the Keeper of all of life. And because I am one with this Power I remember that my pets, and, indeed, all pets, too, are included in this deep, powerful love of Spirit.

I accept for myself, my pets, and all pets everywhere, a gentle awareness of good in each one. I let my life open to the Intelligence that creates all and that is yearning to create more and even more wonderfulness by means of me, and my pets. My pets are held in safety, precious good health, and are a source of joy for me, and I am for them.  I deepen my awareness of the Consciousness within each pet, and honor that by providing excellent care, nutrition, exercise, and affection.  I am gentle and kind with each of them. I declare my awareness is keen and attuned to all that my pets offer in return. 

I am so grateful for this realization of the truth about our pets. I give thanks for all that conspires to keep my pets well and safe, and for the well being of all pets.

I release this word into the creative law of the Spirit, in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And so it is.

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