Friday, January 11, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Firefighters

A prayer for firefighters

One Life, one Power, one Mind, everywhere present, all the time in all people as love, peace, power and safety.  In me, in each one reading this prayer and in all firefighters. The one Life living its perfect expression in every moment.

I accept on behalf of all firefighters: safety, respect, support and success. I affirm that all needs are met; that whatever tools, technology, information, systems or communication that may be needed are supplied. I accept well being, understanding, abundance and peace of mind for each and every one.  Whatever assistance is needed in any situation is fully available I accept an outpouring of appreciation and recognition for the gift of service. I declare that all of their affairs are guided and guarded by the loving Creator.

I give thanks for the realization of this powerful truth about firefighters.

I let this word go as I release it into the Law of Mind that manifests its highest intention.

And So It Is

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