Monday, January 21, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Places of Worship

Here is a prayer for Places of Worship by Brenda Kobrin

Infinite, divine, holy presence is everywhere, as the one and only reality in the universe. It includes and encompasses all that is in Its perfection and It guides and directs all of creation toward expression of that divine perfection that exists within all.

This divine presence exists not only in all people, but in all places. Its holy presence and perfection is absent nowhere. It is the organizing principle behind all human expression and all human organizations.

I affirm this perfection in all places of worship all over the globe, knowing that divine intelligence and divine order is present and available in every place where people gather to worship. It is that which lifts up and inspires those who gather in these places and it is doing its perfect work in and through each of them. The variety of forms of worship and places of worship in this world are a reflection of the infinite, unlimited nature of Spirit, each expressing and honoring truth in its own way, each one part of the perfection of the Whole, each one serving the Infinite in its own perfect way.

I celebrate this knowing of the truth and acknowledgement of divine perfection everywhere, particularly in places of worship all over the world, not only in me, but in hearts and minds of humans everywhere.

I release this prayer to Infinite Intelligence, with full confidence that this truth is being expressed and is blessing all of the world.

And so it is.

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