Monday, January 28, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Transportation

Affirmative Prayer for Transportation by Marissa Fitrakis

There is one Source.  This Source is operating throughout all of life.  It is Life!  Its movement is the natural flow of all Its creation.  Divine Intelligence expresses in the most unique ways, beneficial ways, ways that demonstrate the Abundance, Harmony, Joy, and Freedom that is always present.

I am one with this Divine Intelligence.  It is always and forever moving in, as, and through me and all of Its creation.  This is the truth for each and every one.  We are fully and completely connected to each other and Source.

I speak my word with full faith and confidence, knowing that God is always present in the mechanics of the Universes.  I recognize that every mode of transportation begins with an idea in the mind of God.  In this one Mind, where love is the natural way of things, we are always safe, always guided by divine GPS (Guiding Presence of Spirit) along our highest and best route.  So I claim that each one is awake and aware of the direction of guidance.  The perfect mode of transportation is available to all.  I claim that all inventors, engineers, manufacturers, mechanics, operators and pedestrians are inspired by love, moved by Divine forces of Universal Intelligence, guided and held in safe and sustainable ways that benefit all creation.  I recognize that the evolution of consciousness is brilliantly held as the next greatest expression of transportation, its workings and its use, is right where we are.

And so I give great thanks for every awareness of Universal Truth and every right use of it.  We are Blessed!

I release my word to the creative genius of life that makes all things so.  I let it go, knowing it is already done.  And so it is!  ~Amen

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