Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Natural Resources

Prayer for the Natural Resources in our Community

In and through all things is the one Source of all of existence. This one Source is constantly creating, constantly giving Itself to all of Life. It is abundantly evident in Nature and in all Natural Resources. It is the perfect pattern of Intelligence that guides and informs all activities.

I am one with this natural order, one with this wisdom and intelligence. Because I am confident in the oneness of all of life, and that I am included in this oneness, I have confidence in the power of this prayer.

I state then, on behalf of all of the Natural Resources in our community that the very Source of life itself is fully active in the restoration of perfect balance. I accept that each person involved in the use of and protection of our natural resources is guided by this same Intelligence. I accept a new found reverence and appreciation of the great bounty that has been afforded to us and that we are led to ways that preserve this bounty for the generations to come. I know that the great Giver of life has supplied and will continue to supply more than enough to meet the needs of every living creature. I put my faith in the power of Mother Nature herself to heal and restore any areas that are in need of this. I declare that as we each become more mindful of our oneness with all of life, we become faithful stewards of all our Natural Resources.

I give thanks for this new awareness of this natural and beautiful truth. I allow myself to be guided by the bigger picture of life and my place in it.

I release this Word into the receptive medium that receives its impress, manifesting in full measure its highest good.

And So It Is. 

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