Saturday, January 26, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Teachers

Affirmative Prayer for Teachers by Pamela Heck

The Divine Intelligence of the universe flows in and through all creation. It is Creation itself…the One expressing as the many. This Spirit of Selfless Love pours itself into everything that is.

 I am filled with this Spirit. What is true for me is true for all, but today I am celebrating Spirit as Teacher.

 I recognize the special, sacred role that teachers perform throughout the world. A teacher is not defined by gender, or geography.  A true teacher is defined by their dedication to learning and their devotion to each and every student without bias or prejudice. I bless those who teach in our schools and our universities.  And I also bless each and every person who mentors others, who shares their knowledge and their passion for life and learning wherever they may the workplace, in the home or in nature. They are all teachers...conduits, channeling the intelligence of the universe into receptive minds.

I accept for all teachers the knowledge that they are divinely guided and that they are safe in the performance of their duties. The principle of giving and receiving is beautifully expressed through their work. As they encourage critical thinking and impart knowledge, they receive the love and respect of their students, the cooperation of families, the support of administrators, and a fair and equitable livelihood. Divine Mind lives in them and guides them in their many roles as friend, leader, coach, motivator, confidant, counselor and role model.

Grateful for all that they do, I give thanks for teachers everywhere. God’s grace lightens their load and surrounds them with peace and joy.

And so it is.


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