Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Water

Affirmative Prayer for Water by Siota Belle

The One Life flows in and through every living being as Love, Harmony, Vitality and Healing. This is the Eternal steam of Wholeness which creates, restores and maintains all life and the entire universe.

All the waters on our planet are the perfect expression of Divine Life and its renewing, creative healing flow.

As the One is the life of our planet’s water, so our water sustains all life. I claim that the rivers, oceans, streams, lakes and seas are the perfect expression of peace, healing, and natural vitality.  I know that Divine Intelligence restores our water so that everywhere it is cleansed and cleansing and that it flows with unlimited supply forever.

The healing essence of the One Life brings new purity to our entire water supply. Now and always these waters nurture and supply all beings and our magnificent planet with the Divine Essence of Life.  They flow forever with unlimited abundant supply for all.

Gratefully I receive these gifts for our water. I celebrate with thanks for the action of the Law on our water.

I release this Word to One Mind knowing it is done.
And so it is.

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