Saturday, January 12, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Homeless in our Community

A prayer for the homeless.

The power and presence of Spirit dwells in all things and in all beings. Spirit is the magnificent and glorious intelligence that is the source of all of life. Spirit is the source of all good. This one power of the living Spirit is all-knowing and wise. Spirit is ever renewing every aspect of life through the one creative mind.

All that exists, all things and all beings are a part of this power and presence of the living Spirit. This includes each person who is currently without a home. Each one an essential and precious aspect of the one Life.

So, I remember that each and every person is at home in the life of the Spirit. I accept that the every person belongs to this life and through the power of the one who has created life I declare that all needs are met. I accept that there is shelter, safety and a feeling of being at home for all and all alike. I know that the wisdom of the living Spirit is guiding all those who are willing to create homes, neighborhoods, support systems for those in need, for anyone who is homeless. I accept comfort, warmth and nourishment for each one. I affirm hot showers, clean clothes, financial abundance and overflowing resources. I accept good food and access to health care. I affirm that respect, freedom of choice, mental health and peace of mind are the natural right of each person and are all fully available to anyone open to receive this goodness.  I know that there is a power in the universe that knows the best solution in every situation. I affirm that the generous, giving nature of the loving Spirit if fully active in each and every one. I declare that this or something better is manifesting in the life of all homeless individuals in our community. A claim for each organization that is in service to the homeless a great influx of resources including money.

It is with a humble heart that I give thanks for this realization of the spiritual truth that exists within this life for the benefit of all beings.

I let the law that governs all of life respond fully to this word by placing my faith and trust in its power for creating good.

And So It Is

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