Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Families

Affirmative Prayer for Families

There is one Life, one loving Spirit. Its nature is harmony and peace. All of existence belongs to this one Life. Everything is included in this one Life. God is the source of all love and each and every being is included in this love. All of Life is connected to the one powerful loving source.

Therefore I am one with Life, one with the loving Spirit. The harmony and peace of the Spirit lives in me and as this is true for me it is true for all families everywhere. All families are included in the love, peace and harmony of the Spirit. All families are connected to the source of love and life.

Because I am one with the one Life, one with the one Mind, I affirm the power of this prayer as I speak this word on behalf of all families everywhere. I accept for them harmony, peace and love. I affirm that the benevolence of the power that has created them and brought them together is lighting their way. I accept kind and clear communication. I accept a balance of giving and receiving. I accept abundant resources and complete safety. I declare that all families are built on a foundation of trust and that joy expresses freely though each member. I declare that each member of every family everywhere is treated with respect and kindness.  All of these statements of affirmation are a reflection of the nature of the divine Spirit so I know that this or something better is manifesting for each and every family in our community.

I celebrate the beauty and truth of the living Spirit expressing through the families in our community and I let it be so.

And So It Is

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