Sunday, January 13, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Industry in our Community

Affirmative Prayer for Industry in our Community

There is one Mind, one organizing Intelligence that guides all of the affairs of life into the highest and best expression. This Intelligence is the only power and Its nature is love, peace, joy, success and inspiration.

This one Mind is my mind. All of life is included in this perfect pattern so I know that the industry in our community is included in this. All of the people, all of the activities and all of the products are an expression of the loving nature of the one Mind.

I declare that all industry in our community is expressing through the power of the one Mind, therefore success is guaranteed. Nothing can hinder the impulsion of life to express more life, so I know that all industry is blessed and guided by this organizing Intelligence. Prosperity, sustainability, integrity, safety, and success prevail. There is an abundance of new ideas and processes for the evolution of industry. There is a focus on values and ethics that serves the highest good of every person involved and the highest good of the environment in which this industry is taking place. Workers are well compensated and consumer’s needs are met in perfect balance. This creative process is taking place through the wisdom of the Creator. There are no delays, no obstructions, no inequities and no agitation that can disrupt the perfect pattern of the one Mind. Peace and love prevail, joy and success abound.

I celebrate the realization of this truth and the power of this Word to manifest complete success.

I release this Word into the Spiritual Laws that govern the universe in calm expectancy.

And So It Is

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