Thursday, January 24, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Schools

Affirmative Prayer for Schools by Marissa Fitrakis

There is one Life, one Source, one God-presence.  This Life lives and breathes as all that is, ever was, and ever will be.  This Source goes by many names, God, Love, Buddha, Jesus, Nature.  Whatever It is called, it is rooted in love, for it is Love.  It is joy beyond measure.  It is wholeness beyond the imagination.  It is a place of the highest intellect and creative expression.  It is constant in Its presence and perfection.  It is unique in each appearance and expression.

This is who and what I am.  The very DNA of God pulses through me, breathes my breath and beats my heart.  The Love of this Divine Intelligence is who and what I am.  And as this is so for me, this is so for everyone, everywhere.  This is so for you!

I know that the intelligence of the ages is always available to each one.  I claim the awareness of this Truth for every educator, and every student of every age.  The perfect qualities needed for teaching and learning with passion and compassion, health and safety, kindness and trust in an active community are right where we are.  I recognize the conscious intelligence of each unique teacher, administrator, parent and student is engaged at the highest level of communication and comprehension.  This perfect individual expression of God that is right before us, today and every day, has all that it needs to travel safely, and learn enthusiastically.  I embrace the knowing that each one is a beneficial presence in the world.  I claim that every shift in consciousness necessary to access the highest expressions of innovation, diversity, creativity and inclusivness is making its way.  It is right here, right where we are for the good of all!

I now express great gratitude for the gift that is each child, each teacher, each student of life and love.  Forever thankful for all that is.

I release my word as a seed in the creative soil of Life, knowing it is planted, it is nurtured, it is done.  And so it is!  ~Amen

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