Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Prayer for the Air in our Community

A prayer for the air in our community

There is one pure, loving Spirit that exists everywhere, all the time.  This Spirit is forever renewing Itself. It is the very breath of life. Its nature is balance and order. It is the intelligence of the Spirit that guides all of the natural resources into perfect expression.

The very air that we breathe is an essential aspect of this perfect Spirit.

I declare that the air in our community and the air everywhere is right now expressing its own natural perfection. I accept that the power of the divine Spirit renews and refreshes the air continuously. I accept divine guidance and new found awareness for each one who has an impact on the quality of the air around us. I affirm that new technologies are right now being formed that protect the precious air that we breathe and also protect the plants that purify the air. Our air is the breath of God, ever renewing itself and always nurturing all of life.

I am so grateful for this realization of the truth about our air. I give thanks for all that conspires to keep the air pure for the well being of all beings.

I release this word into the creative law of the Spirit, in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And So It Is

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