Sunday, January 6, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for our Local Economy

A prayer for our local economy

There is one loving Presence, one perfect Life. It is the life of the divine Spirit and Its nature is perfect circulation, abundance and  balance. It is the very movement of this divine Spirit that flows through all aspects of creation, generating and giving freely the highest good in every moment.

All of creation is participating in the balanced and generous flow of the loving Spirit. There is nothing that can hinder the flow of the Almighty. This includes everything about the economy. It includes all money, all financial affairs, all transactions, all accounts, all business, all institutions  and all individuals.

From this understanding of the oneness of all of life and the way the nature of the divine Spirit is also the nature of all of our affairs, I accept a healthy, balanced, abundant economy. I declare that there is growth and expansion in perfect right order and in perfect right timing. I affirm that the economy in our community and the economy of every individual is fully guided by the powerful, loving Presence that has created life itself. Nothing is lacking or missing, there is only the free-flowing abundance of the one loving Presence. I accept the full manifestation of a healthy economy for each individual and each business. Perfect balance and abundance are fully active in our economy.

Feeling the fullness of this declaration and standing in the power of its truth, I rest in gratitude.

In faith and confidence, knowing all is well, I let go and trust in its full manifestation.

And So It Is

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