Monday, January 7, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Elderly

A prayer for the elderly in our community

God is timeless love. God is eternal and infinite. There is no limit to the love and power that God is. God is wholeness, beauty, joy, vitality and creativity. God’s intelligence is the guiding light for all of creation.

All beings everywhere are one with God. Every attribute of God is alive and fully available to each individual including those in our community who are elderly.

I accept on behalf of each individual who is advanced in years a full and healthy experience of life. I declare that there is no limitation or hindrance that can block the natural vitality that comes from the perfect intelligence of God. I accept well being, balance, health, perfect vision, excellent hearing, strength, flexibility, creativity and joyous expression for each one. I declare that there is more than enough food, shelter, safety and companionship for each and every individual. I accept clear thinking and powerful discernment. I affirm that each person is valued for their unique contribution, and that each voice is heard. Life is full and generous and gives itself freely to all and all alike. Because God is love, I know that there is more than enough love for each and every one. Because God is the one perfect intelligence I accept that each person and each institution that serves our senior citizens is supported fully, sourced in the abundance of the divine. I claim a generous outpouring of resources for all who are in need. I know that God is fully present in all of this, orchestrating the highest good for everyone.

So, then I rest in the goodness that is so clear when I remember the goodness and power of God to take care of all of creation. And I do give thanks. Thanks be to God.

As I am steeped in the feeling of gratitude, I know so clearly that there has been a shift in my mind and therefore in the one mind, allowing all of this to come to its fullest expression. This being true then, I let go and let it be. 

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