Monday, January 14, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Mothers

Here is a Prayer for Mothers by Adrianne Bowes

 Spirit is a divine power for love, goodness, and wisdom. It is everywhere, always available, beautiful, and energizing. I place my reliance in this presence of Spirit.

Spirit surrounds me with love, comforts me with compassion, and provides guidance to me throughout the days and into the nights.

The mind of God lives in me. It is clear and full of strength and knowledge. Whatever I ought to know I do. Whatever I ought to do I shall do. As my worries are gently turned away my heart expresses love joyfully and completely to every person and situation I encounter. I rediscover that I am a loving and wise presence for my children.

 I release this prayer into the heart of Spirit, accepting the truth: I am a part of the great whole, a mother, and a beloved child of God.


To learn more about Adrianne Bowes, click here.

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