Thursday, January 17, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Nurses

Affirmative Prayer for Nurses by Rev. Joyce Duffala

God is Love. God so loved the idea of creation, that it took form as creation, and therefore God is everywhere present. This means that Love is everywhere present.

This Love has found expression as me, as the one reading this affirmative prayer, and as every nurse in our community and beyond. These nurses are not only expressions of Love, they are also surrounded, uplifted, and guided by Love Itself.

So this word is on behalf of nurses, that in their service, they know themselves to be Love. And as they know and realize this essence of Love, they also sense It around them, reflected in and returned by those for whom they care, and those with whom they work. All, together, experiencing the mutual healing of Love expressing. I further accept that our nurses are loving not only towards others, but also toward themselves. And I accept an increase in their awareness that Love guides them in the ways of self-care and self-compassion, allowing them to rest as needed, and to serve with peace, joy, and vitality.

I give thanks for the many ways that this knowing manifests in form for the highest good of nurses and for all whom their work touches.

And with gratitude I release this affirmative prayer to that Law of Mind which makes it so.

And so it is.

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